CMC accept all insurances who are alligned with our philosophy and style of Family Practice. The practice of family medicine requires mutual understanding and respect, and confidence as in any other specialty of medicine. The physicians and dedicated staff at Complete Medical Care work as a team to bring the Coastal Bend Community the best care we can. We care about you and your family. It is our primary goal to provide you and your family with the highest quality care and up to date technology available regular and homeopathy.

Payment is to be rendered at the time of service. All HMO,  PPO, IPA, PSO,  Medicare, Medicaid, and regular insurances must have and show identification cards on each visit. We accept cash, personal checks, credit and debit cards.

All subspecialty consults will be made as your insurance or you dictates.

Please sign in at the front desk upon arrival. We ask that come in at least 10 minutes before your appointed time so as to prepare you to see the medical staff on time. As a courtesy, we request that you do not bring more than one person with you if it becomes necessary to be accompanied for your office visit. of course, we welcome your spouse, or significant other at any visit, especially if they have questions concerning your care.

It is our policy to treat illnesses and wellness and to prescribe medication only after a thorough history and physical exam, unless we have information from another treating physician to help guide our treatment. Authorization for prescription refills are only given during regular office hours 08:00-1600.

Hospital Facilities affiliated:
Corpus Christi Medical Center
_Doctors Regional MedCen
_Bay Area MedCen
_The Heart Hospital